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Pilates for real life

“And then there is Leanne – skilled, kind, supportive and everything done with a dash of humour. 

She gets results in a very special way and that’s because she is an exceptional teacher. “

– Fiona, Bristol

Classes Membership

“Excellent! Leanne is great at targeting individual needs and finding exercises to help . There are fresh and fun ideas in every lesson which help keep your interest going and motivate you to practise the rest of the week. 

– Ann, Bath

1:1s online

“All online! Leanne (it’s a one woman show!) offers a huge range of classes and encouraging not pushing! 

And being online you can take time out whenever you like! And do the classes live or recorded”

– Charlie, Oxford

Classes Membership

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Virtual Pilates and Movement Classes

Access live virtual Pilates and mobility classes from the comfort of your home. Or Join Sona TV for on-demand videos at the click of a button

1:1's and Private Group Sessions

Deepen your practice with 1:1 and private instruction, allowing the focus to be solely on you.
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Make the everyday easier

Sona sessions in Pilates and movement focus on creating efficiency in the body so that you can fully enjoy and access all there is to offer in your own life. From being able to get down onto the floor and play with your children, to taking that ski trip, recovering from injury or surgery and even just putting your own socks on at 93!

We make the everyday easier so you can do more of what brings you joy/ Sona


Confidence Inside and Out

25th – 27th February 2022

Our signature UK Pilates Retreat weekends in the beautiful Devon/ Cornwall countryside have been a great success in providing clients with the time, space and activities to unplug and reconnect.

This retreat is already half booked so get in touch with Leanne now to book your weekend escape in luxurious accommodation and peaceful settings. 

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