March 2024

March well-being events are aplenty at the Sona Pilates studio at Bristol Osteopaths on Wells Road. 
Pilates Pop-ups at Back in Action, Sona Social and Brunch at Sundial Kitchen. As well as regular Pilates and Yoga classes every day!
Mon 11th March 6pm – 9pm – Pilates Pop up at Back in Action, Park Street, Bristol
£10, Have a private store tour, 15 min recuperative treatment and 45 minutes Pilates class, plus a glass of fizz. Book on our normal class schedule (you will need to register with an email if not already signed up)
Sun 24th March 9.30am – Morning Pilates with Leanne followed by Sona Socialising with Brunch at Sundial Kitchen, Totterdown. 
£16, Pilates and arrival tea/coffee and light refreshments, brunching afterwards is optional, order and pay at venue.

March sees the Pilates community head to the mat and wax lyrical about even some of the trickiest moves. ‘March MATness’ is an annual awareness campaign celebrating the traditional sequence of Joseph Pilates Mat exercises, originally spearheaded by Benjamin Degenhardt. Not a challenge nor a competition, March MATness encourages you to explore the exercises as you see fit and might just catalyst your Pilates journey. I’ll do the cheerleading but here are some reasons to start Pilates with us:

  1. Pilates focuses on strengthening core muscles and improving mobility, improving overall posture and flexibility.
  2. Pilates exercises target multiple muscle groups, leading to an increase in overall strength, balance and alignment.
  3. Pilates emphasises tuning into your breath and each movement, helping reduce stress and anxiety levels. And increase lung capacity!
  4. Low impact and injury-preventive, Pilates is a good option for people with joint pain and supports your other athletic adventures.
  5. The mindfulness encouraged during Pilates can help improve mental focus and increase body awareness.

Keep an eye out for March MATness on social media and beware your Plates teacher may start class with The Hundred!

Prioritise your employee’s wellness today and get in touch to find out more about the bespoke packages we can create for your team. 

Email: or call on 07843009723

Employees often spend several hours a day seated at their desks, or in repetitive movement patterns in industrial environments and it can be challenging to incorporate exercise when faced with a hectic schedule. So let us help support your staff with accessible classes, videos and drop in clinics or even onsite workshops or retreat days!

Lack of exercise and a sedentary lifestyle has a negative impact on mood, work performance, and long-term health. We often joke that “sitting is the new smoking” and that Pilates is your new pill, but it is of course so much more than that and it needs to be addressed now before the rise in injuries and chronic conditions result in further absences from work.

The Sona Pilates Whole Body Health Programme is specifically tailored for employees. Offering a variety of time-efficient workout options from live-streamed classes to recordings, weekly emails and articles. And we can work with employers here in Bristol or further afield to customise the offering to address certain needs from desk assessments, and head, neck and shoulder pain workshops to feeling more energised or working on alleviating stress with meditation and mindfulness techniques.