Sona Pilates

My Mission

To create efficiency in the body through movement, strategy and joy so that the everyday becomes easier.

I want to support and enable people to care for their bodies and their minds. By offering you tools and strategies on how to engage with and understand how the body works, you too can take ownership for your own well-being with confidence.


Why choose Sona Pilates?

For personality and genuine connection – I care about your goals and your movement experience with me. I come to class open and ready to learn with you based on on core values. We will laugh, explore, discuss and question – no Pilates Police here – you move for you, you show up for you and you take what you need ….for YOU!

I provide a genuine, knowledgeable and accessible way to begin or continue, workout and rehab with Pilates and movement classes online.

Enthusiastic about movement well-being, I aim to empower you in your practice too so you finish a class knowing you have achieved deeper efficiency and feel happier, taller, leaner, younger, fitter.

Classes resolve daily aches and pains, support posture and increase mobility. For some it underpins running
training, for many it builds new efficiency in your everyday movement. I empower you in creating efficiency in your body so that the everyday becomes easier – the hikes more enjoyable, the old hobbies rediscovered, aches eased, energy lifted, spines longer and taller…and generally smiles around!

My Core Values

To treat and support the  individual and always recognise that the body is connected and should be considered as a whole – body, mind and spirit.

About leanne


Leanne is fully certified in equipment and mat Pilates from Polestar Pilates in London. Polestar is an international authority in Pilates education, focused on whole body wellness, healing through movement modalities and mind-body-spirit connection.

Leanne currently offers 1:1s in Bristol and a full programme online to support your needs and lifestyle

Movement has always played a vital role in Leanne’s life and she has practiced Pilates alongside her Dance career for over 15 years, including using it to rehab an ankle injury whilst at professional training in London within Trinity Laban.

From Head of Dance and Senior roles in Education she is no stranger to the dynamic, creative and often exhausting patterns of daily life. And the strains it can put on the body both physically and mentally resulting in MRI’s, aches and niggles, adrenal fatigue and burn-out. But yet again it was Pilates that came to the rescue!

And finally a shoulder injury 5 years ago brought Leanne fully back to Pilates and she soon re-immersed herself in the practice, its professional training and ethos. Once again reminded of its ability to create space in the mind as well as the body, a benefit she seeks her clients to experience also.

In 2017 Sona Pilates was established and Leanne left full time sixth-form teaching in education to dedicate herself to her clients and Pilates teaching. Switching her mantra slightly from ‘Dance is for everybody’ to ‘ Everybody should also be doing Pilates!’. Leanne is a forever student, delving deeper into body knowledge and understanding she is skilled and experienced in working with clients with Cancer, Neurological conditions, Parkinsons, hip-replacements and rehab injuries. As well as athletes, dancers and teens.

Her warm and enthusiastic approach will have you moving with more informed ease, a deeper connection and with a sense of play. The body loves to move and Leanne loves to help you unlock this revelation within yourself.

She fully embraces the attitude of enjoying the life you are living – movement, friendships, cake, family, gin, travel and the arts; and is a firm believer in how the practice of Pilates can enhance your life for the better.