5th Birthdays and kicking ass…

‘In order to kick ass, you must first lift up your foot’ – Jen Sincero

Yes we are the ones that have to take action, pick up our foot and take one step at a time in order to move forward. There is no denying that in my Christmas sofa sloth mode the only thing I have been kicking is the tv remote in order to get it closer to me. And January has been a month of wintering and transition. But as I rise into this 2023 I am given another opportunity to address what has worked for me and my business and what needs to change.

And that change only happen when an action takes place, so I am mentally preparing to lift up my foot and kick ass. This in itself requires some support, we don’t have to kick ass alone. We can talk things through and ask for assistance. I am aware I may need to lift up my foot in small baby steps but I am also aware that leaving it firmly planted in the same spot it has been in is no longer the answer.

Sona Pilates is celebrating its 5th Birthday and launching its fully equipped Studio this month at Bristol Osteopaths on the Wells Road – plenty of reasons to kick ass! So check out www.sonapilates.com for free tasters and our new studio programme. Also when you book throughout January use SONA5 to receive £5 off your booking.