The trees know how to let go

In times of overwhelm the thing that goes first is just that which we should make priority. Our sleep, food choices, peloton bikes and relaxing hobbies are pushed aside. And so as the seasons change and we begin slowing down from the summers to-ing and fro-ing, we can focus again on that which we need for whole-body health. Time to get back to our roots during this time of hibernation so we can full blossom again in the spring.

Autumn brings spiced lattes, Halloween and shorter days. We layer up against the cold and those summer activities get switched out for the indoors and getting cosy. ‘The trees are about to show us how lovely it is to let things go’ (unknown) so before you set down this seasons “should’s and must do’s” consider that you can let go of habits that served you in the summer and establish new patterns and intentions for Autumn.

Welcoming this shift we can embrace new food choices, movement habits and even thought processes. In Pilates we tune in and take note of what the body is asking for on that day, in that moment, aware of the larger goals but also aware some days we have to let them go.

Try Pilates from the comfort of your home this autumn with our online classes or Sona TV.

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