Keep your sparkle with regular Pilates

Well clann, Christmas has arrived. December means I can start watching the really good Christmas movies, not just the hallmark channel 5 ones (of which the last 2 had me shouting at the telly they were so cringe) and I can begin the weekly mince pie taste-off!

December also means the Christmas decorations can go up because I love all the sparkle and colour and memories they bring, plus they brighten up these dark cold evenings and make the hibernation mode even easier. 

But they can take a whole lot of effort! I have my home, the studio and I decorate the clinic too – which involves asking Osteopath David yesterday to go up into the loft to get said decorations which when he handed them to me down the ladder I tipped all over the floor – the mess begins!

And it can get messy. The dust, the untangling, the broken baubles, and the general moving the tree around to 3 different locations only to settle back on the first one anyway. As I remind myself of all of this I am seriously wondering if should I just give my home decorations a miss.

But no, I can’t because I know the feeling and the joy it brings me when they are up is worth it and really what I need right now. 

A similar line was said in classes this week when the foam rollers were brought out to play. A slight groan as we know we have to, have to roll our quads but the all-knowing nods that the effort and the work are worth it for the feeling of release and alignment in the end. 

Like most exercise habits in the winter, they become a little trickier to stick to. But the key is not to focus on the getting there, or the cold, or the tricky bits in the middle but to remember why you are doing it – the feelings of joy, relief, energy, or calm that Pilates session or run or swim brings you. Because in an hour the effort and maybe hard work will all be over and your sense of achievement but more importantly the consistent maintenance of your body and mind will long outlive the grumbling 5 minutes spent rolling your quads. 

I better go and decorate this clinic before I change my mind!

Wishing you a wonderful week, don’t avoid the calls to move your body and calm your mind and let me know which are your favourite mince pies and I will start the taste off!

Leanne x

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