Refining my May Mantras

This went out in my May emails and local article for South Bristol Voice and I want to get back to blogging and sharing more regularly on here so you can hear my voice and we can connect over similar struggles and triumphs.

I come to you with a sinus infection/ flu and the consequential overwhelming guilt and frustration that this week has not gone to plan, mainly because I am not fit to do much more than fall asleep in front of reruns of Bridgerton. As seasons change I get renewed energy and creativity for my work and my adventures but instead being ill has stirred me to refine some new mantras for the next few months. I saw these in a shorter and more punchier version on Instagram and a few stood out to me.

Surrender is the new strong, as I choose to feed my soul and not my ego to recover and address what has made me ill in the first place.

Movement continues to be my medicine, even if it isn’t the new fitness plan I wanted to kick start this week but the slower-paced, tuning in my body needs. Movement has always been a healer.

Self-aware is the new sexy, continuing to understand my thoughts, feelings and emotions so I can make better decisions and communicate with clarity and intention. I mean how good does that sound? How well I succeed is another thing but reflection is key.

Being present is the new busy. Ah yes, the true reason I am unwell! Intuitive rest and more mindful action to replace the people-pleasing and partying. May you were fun but this girl loves her rest too.

And as a Pilates instructor, we always say, the deep core, the trunk stability, the mighty psoas is the new six-pack!

May Mantras complete.