Check you are safe to drive this body of yours.

Oh the shame and embarrassment as I left my car off for MOT this morning and yet openly admitted to the mechanic…”good luck, I’m pretty sure I’ve been running it into the ground…eek…sorry!”
To which he calmly and nicely replied “We will just see if its safe in the MOT and take it from there.”

Ahah! Made me think do we have a safe line for our own bodies? You know when it’s safe to take it out for a drive or in our body’s case into daily life and our activities. With of course no risk of further damage or injuries!

So is it safe to take your body out on the road today? 

I don’t want to compare our bodies to our cars mainly because I know how much I neglect my car and yet super tune into my body. But when things get busy it slips and as I dipped lower or closer to the safe line or into the danger zone I thankfully caught myself.. just in time this weekend and hit the pause button, cancelled some commitments and checked in.

So can you take a moment and check your body system lights? 

Water – are you hydrated?

Oil – I always liken this one to some good quality sleep because it just makes everything function smoothly.

Petrol – what have you been fuelling your body with?

Lights – are you still shining brightly? (emotionally, mentally)

Tyres and tracking – How is your base? Feet and legs? Alignment and posture?

The mechanic has rung. It failed…due to a tyre! The surprise and relief! Yes, change that tyre thank you very much and put me back in the safe zone. I thought it would be a lot worse. 

But it’s got some advisories and boy isn’t that the truth. Shock absorbers…yeah my hips aren’t great either. Back fog light…Yeah, my light is a little dimmed at the moment too. As we take stock and catch them in time we can stay on the road and enjoy more of what we love.

Who is reflecting who here? Me or the car?

Wishing you safe driving of your car and your body!

Leanne x

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