New experiences open more possibilities

My Christmas came early last week with the arrival of our studio reformer – to say I was a giddy child is an understatement – the delivery guy had clearly seen it all before and how much I just wanted to get on and start practicing, so he kept the demo short. And so on I jumped at the first chance I could to run through the repertoire and see what had stuck and what my body definitely needed to practice (a fair bit!).

And last night I put 2 clients through their paces on the kit too – they hadn’t been on a reformer before and it brought me, and I hope to them, so much joy to move like this, experience the feedback, and magic pilates can unlock.

There is a lot to be said for your first reformer class, more than just the movement itself. Like with any new experience, it is the curiosity and unknown of trying something new, adding variety to what you already know, taking your practice a bit deeper, and of course just having a play around too. There was much laughter, dancing and big group hug at the end of class.

We don’t have to take or make massive changes, sometimes it isn’t always possible or necessary but even small shake-ups of your every day can make a real impact on your mood or how you view a situation or suddenly solve a problem. Because the body loves to move and move in variety too.

I guess what I am meaning to say in a long-winded way is that the openness to try something new always opens way more doors than fear or reluctance which just leaves you standing in the same place. Feeling the same way.

So a very warm invitation to obviously come for a winter 1:1 or studio circuit class in the new year or to give something small but new a try this weekend – plenty of craft making, mulled wine experimenting, and Christmas festivities to have a whirl at.

(shoutout to my lovely model Zsu who enjoys russian splits on the reformer way more than I do)

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