New Website, New Blog, New Path


Hi there! And welcome to Sona Pilates blogging – not the most familiar to me so I appreciate your patience. (and yes I am aware I am quite a bit late to the game – movement is my passion, not technology).

But here I am and hope to stay, talking about all things movement, pilates, wellbeing, dance and no doubt food, music, life, people, family and travel. Who decides to pay attention to me is well…up to them really.

I guess this will be a bit more of the mind part on here, a look at the factor and elements that affect our movement and quality of life and hopefully a perspective and insight on how to support it.

A bit about me 

Comprehensively certified with Polestar Pilates, I seek to enable my clients to reconnect mind and body, and find efficient movement in enjoyable settings. Whether that be in the studio, the comfort of your own home or even in the office at lunchtime. In my previous life I was an Education (PGCE) and Community Dance Practitioner (PGC) with over 18yrs teaching experience – from A level Dance to working with Greenwich Dance Agency to pilot a movement initiative for those in care homes. Movement has always played a vital role in my life and she have practiced Pilates alongside dance for over 15 years, including using it to rehab my ankle after injury during professional training and again my shoulder from a later dance injury. It is my continued go to, remedy, grounding and joy.

Where can you find me?

I am now currently all online due to the Covid-19 Pandemic and we are pursuing this further with clients to create an online offering that supports our Sona Pilates Community and offer accessible, effective and high quality classes and recordings to those looking to make Pilates part of their movement practice.

What does Sona mean?

If you google it you will get several meanings. But the name came about one Christmas whilst at home with family in Omagh, Co.Tyrone. After lots of indulgence and talks about the birth of my new adventure into full time Pilates, then came the decision to give this work a title, a name, an identity. Quite a few ideas were discussed at length for months but the deadline had come and Sona was sticking. In Gaelic it literally means Happy

– Having a feeling of satisfaction, enjoyment or well-being often arising from a positive situation or set of circumstances.

Well that sums up Pilates exactly to me! And I hope my clients would agree too.

The Blog – What is to come I can not foresee, no doubt it will be more for me than you at times but hopefully of use or interest at others. I look forward to sharing my movement musings, knowledge and discoveries to deepen our understanding and love further of the skin we are in.

Thinking – the talking of the soul with itself — Plato