I don’t want to be busy, I want to be balanced.

Between the crazy weather this week and the fuel issue I have been a bit more home-based and it has been a welcome reprieve. 

In a networking meeting this morning we were talking about hobbies, well-being and taking time away from our businesses. The only problem with being a solo business owner or entrepreneur is that you are always ‘on’.

But in this conversation, one person commented that well I “must be always getting exercise and feeling the benefits”. And in some ways yes, I am moving every day and I am grateful for that. But me teaching the practice is not the same as me doing the practice. When teaching I am thinking about the next exercise, trying to explain what is happening in the body to deepen understanding, checking the screens to ensure everyone is getting it and have 3 lights shining in my face.  

Me doing the practice is when I commit to my own self-practice which takes some wrestling with my self-discipline or when I go to a dance class, bouldering session or swim. Then I am present in my own body, just mine as opposed to holding space for other bodies. It feels different.

However there is one class every week which lets me have a little of both. Thursday night 6pm Spiky Balls class leaves me no choice but to drop into my parasympathetic system as my fascia responds to the exercises I am leading and the results wash over me creating ease, length, calm and often a sense of relief. So that usually by the end of the class I am a mumbling mess and we take some quiet time as we release our quads! (well everyone is on mute so I can’t hear them swearing at me).

After this class is often when the most interesting conversations are had, when we all comment about how much we needed it, the tension we have been holding and how good we now feel because of it. This Thursday we talked about that sense of stopping, slowing down, dropping back into yourself and because of it feeling more in tune than we had all week. We coined the phrase “I don’t want to be busy, I want to be balanced”  – thanks Fiona.

Next time someone asks me “How are things?”, I want to say “They are in balance, and that feels great”. Not that I am busy or tired or wired or overwhelmed or stressed or lost or just ok! 

That Spiky Balls class, my Saturday Dance class or weekly swim remind me of the balance. The balance can be found when I am truly present with myself so that I can then be present for you. 

I hope Pilates is a part of your balance, maybe along with cooking, nature, music, socialising or reading. The physical, mental and sometimes emotional side of just showing up and taking part and tuning in with you can reveal so much and be the perfect balance to hectic work/ life/ home environments.

Wishing you balance this weekend!