Little moments can make a big difference

How many times have you been caught out in these torrential rain storms this week? Storm Barra had arrived! This wild weather has me fully reliving my youth growing up in Northern Ireland and the occasional day trip to the coast in winter…or even summer come to think of it. I will be heading back to battle the elements for the Christmas period, so those classes will be recordings unless I can find a space and peace to swing in.

The new 2022 timetable is on its way with updates to our Live Stream Classes – do check it carefully but still lots of variety every week and always 7+ live classes to join for community and motivation.

There has been lots of chat about self – discipline and staying motivated – trickier when our routine changes in these winter months and we want to naturally hibernate. Even trickier if we have the mindset that it will be onerous and needs to be an hour long. Yes joining into live sessions are good for accountability but small and often might be the way forward for you too. 

Pilates doesn’t have to be a thing you ‘should’ do, rolling out your mat for a full hour in an empty room you manage to get by yourself.

“Shh! No one disturb me I am doing Pilates!”. 

There are lots of little wriggles and moments you can take just for you that will make a world of difference to how you sit, stand, move and even interact with family and friends. Because lets face it we don’t enjoy being the tired, achey, frustrated body in the room. (and neither do our loved ones)

So from a 10 minute Pilates wriggle of any and all movements you can remember from class, to following a Sona Short online (even standing), to neck mobilisations sat at your desk and taking your Netflix watching to the floor for some hip mobility without even noticing it (just no leaning up against the sofa). 

These little actions layer up and continue to help the body find efficient strategies that you then maintain and which support you throughout the day. So as you sit there nodding ‘Yep I know Leanne but…’, get up from you laptop or phone and take 2 roll downs, then circle your hips, stretch up towards the ceiling then down into a squat, rotate the body round to look right and left, jump on two feet, one foot, change feet!

Because often once you get going you will want to do more, and then more often until you become a movement junkie like me who swings her leg up onto anything I think will hold my weight and let me do stretches.

Did you you get up and do the instructions above?

Daily movement practice makes for a lifetime of ease and joy!

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