Footwork doesn’t need to be fancy

Me again! I said I would get more regular at this and here I am! (I mean its just the second one in a row but small pat on the back ) I always start with thinking what if I have nothing to say and then admitting to myself “but you never shut up in class”, so I think we’ll be fine.

Going up on Sona TV recently is a 15 minute footwork focus that I filmed and it reminded me of the importance of prepping our base, working from the bottom up and to take those 15 minutes to ensure that you are putting your best foot forward. The instant relief I felt throughout my whole body after the session lightened my mood and brought me smiling into the garden promising to do that more often. 

Our footwork doesn’t have to be fancy but it can have a big impact, especially when consistent. Like those funny cartoons of waiters walking around with dishes stacked up to the ceiling, as they weave through the restaurant performing a balancing act. We walk around on quite a small surface – the soles of our feet, on which we then stack the rest of our body, which also swerves and requires intelligent balance when we move through our day and weave through our homes, busy streets and get on with our day.

Our feet therefore need to be the best base that they can, alert and ready to respond to changing surfaces and changes of mind, sudden turns and shifts in weight. So if you are going to do any movement today start with your feet – massage them, pad through them, roll them around on your trigger point balls, acknowledge every toe, show them some TLC or go do the footwork sessions under ‘Sona Shorts’ on the Sona TV and follow my Northern Irish twang as I lead you through finding your feet.

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