I am no mind reader but I might be able to help


This week has seen me wearing all the layers in this cold weather, leaving constant cups of tea everywhere and speaking to new clients about recent diagnosis and strategies moving forward. 

It was clear that with a diagnosis or a label of the issue – kyphosis, spondylolisthesis or disc bulge that it can bring with it fear and lots of googling. This is perfectly understandable and sometimes it is jus the thing to kick us into action to finally face these aches and pains, and admit you no longer want to live a life restricted by your body, but instead a life fully embraced by it. 

In all of the conversations the client was put at ease, we spoke about their past injuries and treatments they have had, how long it has been going on for and how it impacts their current every day situation. Then on to their goals for their body and lifestyle and how to support those with Pilates. ( or possibly a different approach but these 3 all got Pilates recommended to them from several specialists).

Two of them I have already seen this week for an initial session where they can move in front of me, ask questions and give feedback in a safe environment. They also had their own personal ‘aha!’ moments because in that space you really tune in, focus on you and make both a mental and physical connection with what has been going on and how you can begin to resolve it. We all leave lighter and happier with the knowledge and experience that you can take ownership over this healing journey.

The 3rd? Well he is based in London and I advised he see someone face to face in person, we had a good long conversation and then I dropped him a long email with people to contact and videos to do in the meantime. Because I hate the thought of anyone in pain when I can help. 

So please do always get in touch, I might not be the answer but I might just know who or what is.

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