Why choose Pilates?

With our second Sona Spark Summer programme already half way through and many people giving it their first go I thought I would reflect on some of the many reasons to choose Pilates practice.

In his book Return to Life Joseph Pilates wrote “Physical Fitness is the first requisite of happiness”.

Working out has many benefits, both physically and mentally. However, add in our busy, modern lifestyle and sedentary working postures and it can sometimes lead to injury. Even minor tweaks we pick up in a gym or on a football pitch are brushed off, walked out and we get on with a daily lives.

I’ve acquired quite a few of those tweaks over the years – torn ligaments, pulled muscles, fractured collarbone and still kept teaching dance, sorting my school’s productions out, painted set, sat in exam halls with students… basically told my body to shush and got on with my day.

The thing is I knew about the benefits of Pilates early on. I’d witnessed it rehab my ankle after a very bad sprain and tear whilst professional training. But although it was always there in the background, twice a month class or once a week home DVD workout it never was front and centre. Where it should have been.

Not until several other tweaks and my body screaming at me to listen did I go back and do the work. And I mean twice a week, exercises at home, slow paced, in tune, breathe deeply, take stock, persevere and allow for change. That type of work. And the changes I felt physically, mentally and emotionally was unprecedented, and I grounded in myself, trusting my instincts, feeling my feelings and becoming more confident in my own abilities.

Pilates has proven time and time again to rehab injuries, create space (mental and physical) in the body and even more than that strengthen the body from the inside out to prevent further injury.

Pilates is a practice, it takes time and patience, curiosity and compassion but it will deliver to you efficient movement strategies that will make the everyday easier and the future an active one.

What has Pilates helped you to discover? Share your story.

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